Roma Rising


Don't be misled by this rather mild portrait. Zsolt Horváth is a world-class artist. Substance: Zsolt is a brilliant comedian (as anyone seeing his over the top Facebook posts knows). He is a marvelous vocalist and actor. He is a thorough musician, surpassing composer.
He leads what surely is one of the very best performance groups anywhere, Romani or not. Look up Romano Teatro.

He re-interprets Shakespeare to Romani context, adds music and dance. More. He dedicates a portion of his budget, when possible, to provide nourishment to those in need in his community. And that, friends, is one of the most dolorous places in Hungary for the Roma, Miskolc. Everyone around him is utterly peerless.

Singers (as son of an opera singer, I count his wife among the most notable I have ever heard), actors, players, dancers, set designers. And don't forget the chef. Broadway on a good night.